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Thornton Directory is published monthly and contains local business advertisements, community news and local interest articles. It is this local interest in the directory which makes it an effective way for local businesses to connect with local people.

Many of us are cautious with advertising and understandably so. You’ll be thinking I’ve not got the time or the budget to consider advertising. With the Thornton Directory, you would be successfully promoting your business to your local area.

What I’d like to think is important before advertising with us, is understanding your business activity, so we can recommend the right advertising option for you. You won’t get a ‘Hard sell approach’ with me pushing for the larger ad space, especially when you called with a set budget in mind.

Some of our advertisers have been with the publication since it started over 8 years ago, which proves advertising works, proves it’s value for money and proves they value reaching their local customers with each issue of the Thornton Directory.

If you have beautifully designed artwork that fits our advertising spaces – that’s great. If you want to advertise with us, but have no suitable artwork, I can sort this for you for a small additional charge. I have worked in marketing, publicity and design for many years and have experience and enjoy helping local businesses.

The Thornton Directory is distributed free to over 5,000 households. It is currently available to households in Thornton, Clayton, Denholme, Allerton and Queensbury.

Every business has different advertising needs. We can assess the appropriate advert space for your business.

We have the right advert to suit every budget. If you book your ad space for a block booking of 3 months, you can be advertising as little as £25 per issue. (with an applied 15% discount)

Advertising Artwork can be taken care of from as little as £15.

Our booking deadline is the 15th of each month for the following months issue. However, if you need artwork designing or any other support, delays may creep in, so its best to start the process as early as you can to be sure your advert is included.

If you would like loose leaflets inserted in our magazine, you will need to supply your flyers and we can insert them in our directory and distribute them for you. Flyers would need to be A5 sized, single sheet and non-folded.

Get in touch to chat through how we can help with your advertising and advert design.

Call Neil on 01274 447315 or email:


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