Issue 118 – Thornton Directory – March 2018

Thornton Directory - FEB 2018 - cover

The daffodils are being lulled into a false sense of spring and are starting to grow through the grass. As I type this we are due the icy blast from Russia and are heading into a week of Met Office yellow and amber warnings.

It feels like we’ve been shovelling snow since November. Despite the frequent snow showers during the winter months, none of it has lingered around too much, which is something to be thankful for.

Friends and family who come up’t north to visit are often caught out with the wintery weather. Sometimes because of the snow, but it’s mainly the cold sharp easterly breeze that’ll make your head hurt with ‘Brain Freeze’ its that cold.

We’ve probably used more rock salt than the council, just to get our car out almost on a daily basis. Although saying that, after our article featured in the February issue about hazardous driving conditions due to ice and snow on James Street, the council responded and apparently put enough down on the roads for a social media user to comment that the amount of rock salt on James Street ressembled the Sahara Desert. Joking aside, if that’s what it takes to make it safe, it should have been done before the accidents occured causing damage to residents property.

Spring will soon be here and we’ll all take a deep breath of fresh air, start tidying up the gardens and enjoy a bit of sunshine.