Issue 111 – Thornton Directory – August 2017


Some months ago I asked a group of friends if they wanted to carry out a random act of kindness for someone. They came up with an amazing idea, taking lots of planning.

Our challenge was to carry out a surprise kitchen makeover in a single day. The person we wanted to do this for had no clue this was going to happen. We had gained access to her house, secretly through a friend, to get measurements and assess the scale of what we were about to take on.

On the day of the challenge we arranged for her to have a day out. Once we got the all clear, we moved in.

The transformation was amazing. You can watch our video by using the following link:

It’s 15mins long and we hope to inspire viewers to do something for someone they know.

I’m not suggesting kitchen makeovers, but maybe cutting the neighbours lawn, baking a cake or buying a coffee for someone, whatever you can do to help put a smile on someones face, helps make the world a little brighter and a better place to live.