Issue 20 – Queensbury Directory – May 2017

Queensbury Directory May2017 _ Front Cover rgb

The topic I want to get you all thinking about this month is sign language. Do you know any sign language? Do you know someone who has hearing loss or deafness?

We seem to struggle in this country with learning foreign languages, but according to the UK Council on Deafness, 1 in 6 of us have hearing loss, and yet most of us would struggle to communicate with a person who is deaf.

My challenge to you is this. Learn the alphabet in British sign language (BSL). Any deaf person would appreciate the fact that you have taken time to learn it and use it when communicating with them.

In this month’s issue we have various updates from our community groups. At the time of going to print, we are fast approaching the BIG cycle race day in Queensbury. Did you get a great photo? if so, why not send it in to us and we’ll include it in next months issue.

On our calendar, as a result of Lisa Carmody’s recent resignation, we have local councillor elections and the campaign appears in full swing. What is also now on the agenda is a UK General Election. A vote to decide who we want to take us through the Brexit negotiations. With all this political disruption in recent times, its a wonder any practical work can actually get done.

One thing is for sure, let’s hope all the political bickering stops so we can all just get on.